In this section we’ve tried to provide helpful information to candidates regarding recruiting in general and Heritage Recruiting Group in particular.

For those of you who have dealt with search firms in the past, this may be old news but it could provide a good refresher.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to work with a recruiter before, we hope it will give you a good insight into the process as well as what is expected of you and what you should expect from the recruiter.

We’ve all been in the position at one time or another when we get our first exposure to a recruiter. Since we haven’t had the experience before and if we haven’t read up on it or talked to friends, we just don’t know what to expect, what’s expected of us and how the whole process works.

Very often candidates will say, “I’ve never done this before. I just don’t know what’s proper and what isn’t”.

We hope that this section will provide that information and give you a “comfort level” throughout the process.