Like so many things in life, the word “retained” means different things to different people. To some it connotes up-front fees with no guarantees. To others it may mean very high-level searches for positions with compensation packages of $150,000 or more.

At Heritage Recruiting Group, “retained search,” means entering into a “partnership” with our clients. That partnership includes working with you to fill all of your recruiting needs - from high-level executive to less senior positions. Just because we’re a “retained” firm doesn’t mean that we won’t accommodate you in filling a lower level position. Time and again, our clients demonstrate frustration with mid-level positions that remain open for months on end. In many, if not all cases, these positions may fall out of the realm of contingency firms and therefore need the targeted services that a retained search firm can provide. At Heritage, we’re nothing if not flexible.

Additionally, in today’s marketplace, many companies have the need to fill multiple positions. Whether they are located in the same geographic region or dispersed throughout the country, they can pose a staffing challenge. Unlike most retained search firms, Heritage will establish a program with their client to handle these challenging and in many cases, unpredictable, staffing projects. We have developed, and continuously refine, the model to assist our clients with multiple placements. The end result is cost savings, less frustration and most important, qualified talent to help grow your organization. Please
click here for a list of the staffing projects that we feel, demonstrate our success in redefining the retained search process.

Let our Search Professionals meet with you to discuss your requirements. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can address the full spectrum of your recruiting needs. You’ll agree that Heritage Recruiting Group redefines the meaning of “Retained Search!”